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What Finish Should I Use Near by Kitchen Sink?

On Countertops or on any surface that will come into contact with water I highly recommend and oil finish first (oil and water do not mix) then followed up with Briwax to maintain as necessary. Look for any “finish” product … Continue reading

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What is Briwax?

Briwax is a blend of beeswax and carnauba wax, two of the finest waxes known to man. Briwax is designed to protect all wood and any finish that may be applied to it. Use Briwax on all woods, leather, marble, … Continue reading

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Briwax Used on Ceramic to Show the Details

Briwax on these ceramic pumpkins give them a sheen – they almost look real! For more information, visit our blog – Briwax-TRG.com Make a note of our NEW fax number:  404/699-2150! BUY Briwax NOW!

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Trade Size Briwax

For those really big jobs – think about using the 7-pound or Trade Size can of Briwax.  This size can looks very much like a gallon paint can.   The Trade Size can is an economical purchase in lieu of … Continue reading

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Briwax is the Final Finish

Remember, Briwax can be used over almost every cured finish, including paint. Briwax is the FINAL finish. Think of the Briwax finish as the protective finish for your furniture.  No matter what finish you have used, including paint, Briwax goes … Continue reading

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Briwax on Wrought Iron

Ebony Briwax is beautiful on wrought iron.  Yes, Briwax can be used on metals.  If there is any rust on the metal piece, the rust will be sealed with Briwax to prevent any further oxidation. When applying Briwax, if the … Continue reading

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Customer Creativity

One of our good customers – Mrs. U –  sent us some photographs of her creativity using Briwax over paint. When this chest was found at the “Bargin Box”, it was neon yellow and had contact paper on the top! … Continue reading

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