We have a NEW Fax Number

We have a new fax number.  Please make a note of it:  770/420-9532.  Thank you.

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Looking for a Local Retailer?

If you’re looking for a local Briwax, Rolite or Olde Century Colors retailer, send us an email at:  thebriwaxguy@gmail.com.  Please include your zip code.  Or you can call us at 1.800.327.4929.

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We will do our best to find a retailer close to you; however, if we can’t – you can order directly from us.

This link will connect you to our website for Briwax ordering:  BUY Briwax NOW.

This link will connect you to our website for Rolite ordering:  BUY Rolite NOW.

This link will connect you to our website for Olde Century Colors ordering:

Buy Olde Century NOW

Orders are shipped within 1 or 2 days via USPS or FedEx Ground.  We ship only to the US and Canada.

TRG Products

800.327.4929   **   Fax:  404.699-2150


Email us questions:  thebriwaxguy@gmail.com

For Wholesale/Dealer Information:  sales.trgproducts@gmail.com

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Can I use Briwax on my exterior projects?

This is a very common question about using Briwax on outdoor projects. Briwax is NOT intended for exterior use. It simply cannot hold up to UV (sunshine) rays or to moisture (rain/snow). So, as much as you love Briwax and want to use everywhere, resist the temptation to use it on your outside projects!

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TRG Products


800.327-4929   **   404.699.2150

Questions:  thebriwaxguy@gmail.com

For Wholesale Dealer Information:  sales.trgproducts@gmail.com

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We have a newly designed website!

Visit TRG Products’ newly designed website!  MORE answers to your frequently asked questions! MORE hints on using the Briwax family of products! MORE examples of using Briwax! MORE videos!!

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We think that you’ll like the expanded Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – the detailed section “How to Use Briwax” – and now the Briwax Guy’s videos are available to view right on the website.

Check back often as we are introducing some new products  —  you’ll want to be the first to know about them!

TRG Products

1.800.327-4929  ****  Fax:  404.699.2150

Email questions to: thebriwaxguy@gmail.com

To request Wholesale Information:  sales.trgproducts@gmail.com

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NEW — Briwax Metal Polish and The Gold Standard

Briwax is proud to introduce our
NEW Metal Polish and The Gold Sandard

This unique metal polish and fiberglass cleaner is the finest available polish on the market today. We offer 2 formulas — Metal Polish, a paste, available in 5 oz. and 1 pound jars and The Gold Standard, a lotion (liquid) available in a 6.7 oz. bottle.

Metal Polish NEW Group

Metal Polish cleans, polishes and protects all metals – brass, copper, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, nickel and gold. It is also excellent to clean and polish fiberglass and plexiglass.

The Gold Standard is formulated with jewelers rouge to remove tarnish, film and stains from all metals including the fine metals used in jewelry. Our Gold Standard leaves the surface scratch free.

The Briwax name that you and your customers have come to trust!!

GoldStandard-Shoppingcart        MetalPolish-Shoppingcart

TRG Products  —  Briwax, Olde Century Colors Paints and Rolite



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Briwax Shown in HGTV Magazine

Did you see the mention of using Briwax in the HGTV Magazine Aug/Sept issue? Contact us at 800/327-4929 or visit our website Briwax-trg.com if you have questions or want to place an order.

HGTV Aug Sept 2014 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


TRG Products – 800/327-4929  —  www.briwax-trg.com


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Sheradale Wax – Perfect for True Antiques

Sheradale Wax is made of a similar blend of waxes to original Briwax but with the addition of paraffin, a petroleum based wax, which makes it more water resistant.

It also has a mineral spirit based solvent, making it easier to use on finished surfaces such as lacquer. The paraffin in Sheradale wax will result in a higher sheen than Briwax.

Sheradale is recommended as a final finishing wax on old and new wood to obtain the finest quality shine. It maintains the existing patina and enhances the beauty of the wood. This product is suitable for true antique furniture.

SHERADALESheradale comes in a Clear and an Antique Brown. The color in the wax is used to hide minor scratches.

For more information on the Briwax family of products, visit our website www.briwax-trg.com.

TRG Products  **  800/327-4929  **  email:  TheBriwaxGuy@gmail.com

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