NEW — Briwax Metal Polish and The Gold Standard

Briwax is proud to introduce our
NEW Metal Polish and The Gold Sandard

This unique metal polish and fiberglass cleaner is the finest available polish on the market today. We offer 2 formulas — Metal Polish, a paste, available in 5 oz. and 1 pound jars and The Gold Standard, a lotion (liquid) available in a 6.7 oz. bottle.

Metal Polish NEW Group

Metal Polish cleans, polishes and protects all metals – brass, copper, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, nickel and gold. It is also excellent to clean and polish fiberglass and plexiglass.

The Gold Standard is formulated with jewelers rouge to remove tarnish, film and stains from all metals including the fine metals used in jewelry. Our Gold Standard leaves the surface scratch free.

The Briwax name that you and your customers have come to trust!!

GoldStandard-Shoppingcart        MetalPolish-Shoppingcart

TRG Products  —  Briwax and Briwax Metal Polish


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2 Responses to NEW — Briwax Metal Polish and The Gold Standard

  1. mazeb601 says:

    I refinished an oak dresser last year with Briwax! It turned out fantastic! Yesterday I noticed a black ring….please tell me the best way to remove it!
    Thank you!

  2. The black mark indicates that water/moisture has gone through the Briwax and is now in the wood. We would suggest that you speak with a professional furniture restorer for guidance in removing the black mark.

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