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What Finish Should I Use Near by Kitchen Sink?

On Countertops or on any surface that will come into contact with water I highly recommend and oil finish first (oil and water do not mix) then followed up with Briwax to maintain as necessary. Look for any “finish” product … Continue reading

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Briwax Danish Oil

Other products in the Briwax family . . . Danish oil This product is a blend of oils and resins that seals and finishes a wide variety of woods without leaving a surface film that can be chipped or scratched. … Continue reading

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The Briwax family of fine products . . .

From time to time, we’ll introduce you to some of the other products that carries the fine Briwax family of products name – including: Sheradale Wax, Liming Wax, Natural Creamed Beeswax, Danish Oil, Teak Oil, Marble Wax, Furniture Cleaner, Water-Based … Continue reading

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