Customer Creativity

One of our good customers – Mrs. U –  sent us some photographs of her creativity using Briwax over paint.

When this chest was found at the “Bargin Box”, it was neon yellow and had contact paper on the top!  Using oil paint, the chest was first painted white (partly to cover the yellow paint, but also to serve as the sanded through color), the painted one coat of Sherwin Williams “Spirit in the Sky” (in our next life, we want to work for the paint company and name the colors!!).

The paint was allowed to completely dry.  Next the piece was sanded to reveal some of the white paint  —  and sometimes even a a touch of the neon yellow!

The final step was to apply Light Brown Briwax and buff.  Add new antique-looking glass hardware and you’re all finished!  Mrs. U reports that she had looked for an antique key for “looks”, but was able to find a key that actually works!

Here’s another piece from Mrs. U.

This china cabinet/secretarty was also a “find”!!  After painting the china cabinet a striking PINK, the color seemed just a little overwhelming.  Dark Brown Briwax was applied to the entire piece to “tone down” the PINK; however, after this step, the piece seemed too dark.  To lighten the piece, LIMING WAX was applied to the entire piece.  If you look closely at the piece, you’ll see some of the Dark Brown Briwax showing through while the Liming Wax accents the details.  The result is a unique “one-of-a-kind” china cabinet/secretary that has color and character – using just a few ingredients  —  Paint, Briwax and Liming Wax.

Here are some hints in using Briwax over Paint in these two examples:

  1. Make sure that the paint has cured  —  that means that the paint is thoroughly dry.
  2. If possible, have a sample board to experiment how to achieve the desired look.
  3. If you’re not happy with the color, tone it down using Briwax.  For aging, start with Light Brown Briwax  —  you can always go darker if you want by using a darker color Briwax.  Light Brown Briwax is also a great color to use for aging a painted piece.
  4. Experiment with Liming Wax.  It is the original “pickling wax” and is white in color.  Read more about Liming Wax.  The white wax may give you just the look you’ve been trying to achieve.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment!  You’re the artist today, so get to painting  —  and have fun!!

Thank you Mrs. U for sending us your photographs and your success stories!!

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