Beams, Floors, Furniture . . .

One of our good customers – Distinctive Building Materials – specializes in reclaimed timbers for beams, floors, furniture – and the list goes on and on!!  The craftsmen of Distinctive Building Materials find that Briwax gives them the ability to finish the old woods in one easy step!  Take a look at the Distinctive Building Materials website to see their custom handwork.

Looking for a Briwax Retailer?  Use this link:  I want to Buy Briwax.

Or if you would like find out more about Briwax for your business, read more on our website:


Briwax will turn into a liquid in hot weather from sitting in a hot delivery truck all day.  This in no way diminishes the quality of the product.  Simply allow the container to come to room temperature to return to a paste form.  You may hear Briwax sloshing around in the can, don’t panic – pop it into the refrigerator – like butter, it will become hard again.

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