How to Repair Your Mahogany Front Door

The Finish on a Beautiful Natural Mahogany Door goes bad…

Anyone that has a natural wood door has had the experience of noticing that, wherever the sun strikes the door, the clear varnish that made the door look so beautiful when you bought it has started to deteriorate and even fall off. This will always happen on the bottom third or half of the door.

This is a natural progression of wood and one that cannot be remedied. As long as the finish is translucent the lignum in the wood will be eaten away by the UV rays of the sun. The only thing that stops this natural progression is to use an opaque finish like paint. Otherwise, any clear finish will let the UV rays pass through and destroy the lignum in the wood. Even UV inhibitors will only add 3-6 months to the life of the finish on the door.

Normally the homeowner will blame the varnish or the contractor who applied it, but this is not the case. The sun will win every time!

Here are photos of a solid, very expensive, mahogany door that was installed about two years ago. The home owner did not notice that the door was deteriorating until it was brought to her attention. This door is also covered by a 12’ overhang of the porch roof. If the sun can get to it, the finish will fail.

After just 2 years here is how the door looks:

Since the door had been stained a dark color to even out the tones of the mahogany I applied Briwax Tudor Brown to see how the deterioration would cover.

The Briwax Tudor looked like it would hide and easily repair the damage that had been done so I proceeded to wax the door while the homeowner watched.

Here is the finished product except for a section in the lower right-hand corner. After all, the homeowner should get to experience the excitement of successfully repairing their own door.

I should also mention that Briwax is primarily used as an interior product.

In some circumstances for exterior environments, like a covered porch, Briwax will work very nicely in restoring the beauty to this lovely mahogany door.

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Briwax will turn into a liquid in hot weather from sitting in a hot delivery truck all day.  This in no way diminishes the quality of the product.  Simply allow the container to come to room temperature to return to a paste form.  You may hear Briwax sloshing around in the can, don’t panic – pop it into the refrigerator – like butter, it will become hard again.

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3 Responses to How to Repair Your Mahogany Front Door

  1. Cindy says:

    THANK YOU! Yes I have a similar issue with a mahogony door installed. I tried (don’t get mad at me) Auto Wax (because it was exterior) and the door itself seemed a different finish than the trim pieces… I now know what to do!

  2. I am assuming you had to sand in the areas of the damage. Is that right? Any other prep work besides wiping down the door?

  3. No sanding, in this instance, the damage was minimal, so no sanding was needed – we just applied Briwax over all areas of the door.

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