Using Briwax on Metal

Briwax is excellent on all metals and actually forms a seal on the surface that prevents oxygen from tarnishing the metal.

Oxidation is simply the interaction between oxygen and the substance it contacts. Oxygen on a freshly sliced apple turns brown, a bicycle fender becomes rusty and a copper penny turns green.


Preventing the tarnishing of metal caused by the air we breathe calls for a layer of protection between the surface and the air. This means a coating of wax, polyurethane, lacquer or an anti-oxidant like lemon juice on fruit.

These photos of a rusted Hurricane Star show the effects of oxygen on the iron metal.

Then we wax right over the rust with Briwax to form a seal and prevent the air from reaching the iron.

Now this piece will never rust again until the wax is removed.


Here’s another example of Briwax on metal.  This time, Ebony Briwax was used on wrought iron.  You’ll notice that there is some rust on the metal; however, the Briwax will seal the rust and prevent further rusting on the piece.


If your piece of wrought iron is rough, simply use 180 grit sandpaper  —  with a light hand —  to smooth it off.


Now you’re ready to use your Ebony Briwax to finish the piece.  Apply the Briwax sparingly and buff to a beautiful sheen.  You’re all done!!


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