ChaiRx – First Aid for Squeaky and Loose Fitting Joints


If you have a wooden chair or table that has become wobbly, it is probably due to shrinking joints making them loose.


ChaiRx’s unique formula swells the joints, making them as tight as when they left the workshop and then it seals them, giving a permanent repair.  Developed in the USA, it is great for all types of wood, where round or square tendons join, such as wooden chairs, tables, staircases and other fine wood furnishings.

It comes with a syringe and a set of needles (industrial), as well as an application cap to get into those really awkward places.

ChaiRx has been highly recommended by antique restorers and fine master craftsmen.

Ideal for fluctuating humidity levels caused by central heating and air conditioning systems, which probably caused the joints to shrink in the first place. 

 ChaiRx joint First-Aid glue works by penetrating the wood cells, swelling the joints, and locking the glue in the fiber of the wood. ChaiRx’s unique formula permanently swells the joints and bonds them together.

If joints are separated or can be easily removed, ChaiRx can be applied directly from the bottle by coating both pieces that are to be joined. If the joints are still intact, simply select an appropriate sized needle to apply the glue into the space allowed at the joint. A 45 degree angled needle for hard to reach places is included in the kit.

Whenever possible, ChaiRx glue should be applied where gravity flow will allow the glue to stay in the joint.

Wood clamps may be used to stabilize or square up the chair while it is drying. Let chair set completely still for an hour after applying ChaiRx. The chair is usable  in 12 hours.

Clean up is accomplished with water. Wipe up any drips and runs with a moist towel. Make sure to rinse out the syringe and needle after each use to prevent clogging.

ChaiRx – First Aid for Ailing Chairs!!

For more information on ChaiRx or other Briwax products, visit our website:

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