Briwax Color Names

We had a customer call the other day who was confused about the color names of Briwax. They were looking for Antique Brown. It took a while, but we finally convinced the customer that the color they were looking for was in fact, Golden Oak.

Let us explain . . . Briwax is made in England. Many of the colors of Briwax sold outside of the USA have different name, including P-7, Medium Brown, Antique Brown, Jacobean of perhaps a number of 37 or 181 than the names of Briwax in the US.

If you happen to have seen a can with one of the English names, here is the US equivalent.

English Briwax P-7 or Medium Brown = “Light Brown” Briwax in the USA
English Briwax Antique Brown or # 37 = “Golden Oak” Briwax in the USA
Enlgish Briwax Jacobean or # 181 = “Dark Brown” Briwax in the USA

Briwax can Orig
Hope this clears up any confusion you might have. If you have other questions, visit our website: or our blog:

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