Should I use Clear or Colored Briwax?

We were recently asked: Is it best to use Briwax in clear or one of the colors? This was our response:

The colored waxes will help to hide scratches, ding, dents. The colored waxes will also enhance the color of the wood to which it is applied.

If you’re undecided which color of Briwax to use, we would suggest to use Light Brown – it is the most versatile of all of the colors and will take on the color of any wood. The Light Brown Briwax, when it gets into carvings creates a shadow. The Light Brown will look like tar in the can; however, a one-pound can of Briwax will cover between 400 and 600 square feet.

The clear wax is perfectly clear and will not yellow. If you should use clear, one hint is to try to not get too much wax in crevasses or carving as the clear wax will look muddy. Use Clear Briwax when you don’t want to impart any color at all — perhaps when you’re using it on granite, marble, cultured marble or white furniture or cabinets.

Make sure that you use the wax sparingly – it is better to have several light applications rather than one heavy application. Always buff after each application of wax. You’ll never have any wax build-up because the solvent in Briwax removes the previous application.

You’ll get near professional results from using Briwax – and it is very easy to use!!

For more information on using Briwax, visit our website:



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2 Responses to Should I use Clear or Colored Briwax?

  1. Margaret Spengler says:

    My old Briwax looks shriveled up and grey black, it was originally light brown. Is it still useable?
    Would it word on water spots on teak table?

  2. If your Briwax is all dry and very hard, more than likely all of the solvent has evaporated out of the wax. If that is the case, your wax is virtually useless. You could use this wax as cake stopping (to fill holes and cracks) or on drawer slides to make them slide easier. The solvent is a very important ingredient of Briwax in that is allows the 2 waxes – Carnuba and Beeswax to work together.

    Unfortunately, you will need to purchase new wax in order to remove water marks from your table. In reality, it is the solvent in Briwax that removes the marks, not the wax itself. With your new can of Briwax, make sure that you always replace the lid tightly after each use of Briwax.

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