Can I use Briwax on my table saw in my shop?

We are asked many times about using Briwax on a table saw. Since almost all table saws have a cast iron top, a coating on Briwax Clear beeswax is a perfect solution to fill all the pores of the cast iron without adding any color.

Have you ever gone to use your table saw and noticed all the rust on the top? The rust came from the moisture in the air settling onto the metal and the interaction with oxygen causes the metal to form iron oxide or what we call rust. Areas of the country with high humidity levels are the worst culprits.

To prevent this from happening just take Clear Briwax and apply to the surface of your saw and the beeswax will fill in the pores and give you a beautiful finish that will resist the moisture.

Of course don’t over do it and try to build up the wax, just enough to fill the pores and prevent moisture from settling into them.

Buff out the metal with a soft cloth and you will have a wonderful finish that will help your work glide over the top with ease.

We would recommend re-waxing the top every few months or so, depending on the level of usage.

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