Teak Briwax and the White Glove Test

We recently had a customer contact us with this dilemma . . . The Briwax Guy’s responses are in Blue:

I am trying to decide whether or not to use Original Briwax to finish some mahogany furniture.  The Teak colored wax is my first preference. 

Teak would be a very nice choice and will add a beautiful enhancing color to your mahogany.

I was told to be careful and that the color rubs off on clothes even well after tables are finished.

As so many of us do, we think more is better. However, with Briwax, less is better. The less wax you use to finish your piece the better your piece will look and feel.

Here is a good tip for you and I call it my white glove test. After you have sparingly applied Briwax over your piece, wait a minute and then buff out the wax with a clean white cloth.

You will notice on the cloth all the extra wax that you applied. When the piece has developed a beautiful sheen take your white cloth and rebuff as hard as you can. Now look at the cloth.

If there is any wax on it you used too much. When you develop a technique of using Briwax sparingly, your cloth will barely show a trace of wax. That is perfect!
 On to tablecloths as well.

Again, everyone uses too much Briwax and then never buffs it out properly. Always run the “white glove” test to see how you have done.

Do you know if this is true?

It is always true if you use too much. For instance, a standard dining room table of 4’ x 6’ will only require a Tablespoon of Briwax to maintain the top!

We hope that this has helped you with some of your questions!  For more information on Briwax, visit our website:  Briwax-TRG.com.

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