Rustic Pine Briwax

Which color of Briwax should I use?  Well, that’s a tough question for us to answer without actually seeing the piece that you’ll be using it on.  But to give you an idea about color, on the bedside table shown below, we’ll use Rustic Pine.  Rustic Pine has a hint red undertones that will highlight the reds in the finish on this table.

But then you ask, what if I want to play down the red undertones? Then you could easily use Light Brown (the lightest of the brown colored waxes) or you could use Tudor Brown (right in the middle of Light Brown and Dark Brown Briwax.  The Tudor Brown will add color and will darken the piece.  Where the Light Brown would take on the color on which it is applied – giving a soft coloration and helping to hide scratches.

Visit our website:  Briwax-TRG Products for more information.

Looking for a local retailer of Briwax?   Send The Briwax Guy an email and we’ll do our very best to find a retailer close to you.

Looking to carry Briwax in your store?  We’ll be happy to send you our wholesale catalog.  Give us a call at 800-327-4929.

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