Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

And take a look at the ceramic pumpkins in the picture below.  They’ve been waxed with Golden Oak Briwax.  The hint of yellow in the Golden Oak Briwax gave them a touch of color and a wonderful sheen.

Don’t be afraid to try Briwax on ceramics  —  Briwax will give it a lovely sheen and if you use Light Brown Briwax, you can also age the piece.

For more information on using Briwax, read other postings on the Blog or visit our website:  Briwax-TRG.com.

Looking for a Briwax Retailer?  Use this link:  I want to Buy Briwax.
Or if you would like find out more about Briwax for your business, read more on our website:  Briwax-TRG.com
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