How to use Briwax on Craft Projects

Here’s a fun way to use Briwax:

  • Take an interesting shaped glass bottle
  • Cover the bottle using pages from an old book and Modge Podge.
  • When you’ve covered the entire bottle, let the project cure  — anywhere from overnight to a couple of days.
  • We used Briwax to “age” the entire project.  So, take a small amount of Briwax – we started with Light Brown – after the initial application of wax, if you want your project darker, you can certainly use a darker color Briwax.
  • Now buff the piece.  Feel free to add a second or third application of wax and of course, always buff in-between applications!
  • Want some extra bling?  Add some accent beads in your favorite colors at the “neck” of the bottle!
  • Locate a fun and unique stopper – and you’ve made a super

A word of caution:  Make sure that you’ve completely covered the project with the Modge Podge  —  Briwax will smear and lift the ink off of the page!! 

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