Antique Dough Bowls Before and After A Briwax Application


“Before” an application of Briwax, this dough bowl is pretty tired looking, don’t you think?

Now, take a look at “after” an application of Briwax:

The colors of the wood are enhanced and the sheen is lovely.

Remember to use a small amount of Briwax – a little bit goes a long way.  And always buff after each application of wax.  Unless your wood has a very tight grain, it will usually take two or three application of Briwax to obtain a good sheen.  You’re trying to fill all of the pores of the wood!  You’ll achieve almost professional results with Briwax!

BUY Briwax NOW!

Don’t forget . . .

BRIWAX will turn into a liquid in hot weather from sitting in a hot delivery truck all day.  This in no way diminishes the quality of the product.  Simply allow the container to come to room temperature to return to a paste form.  or email:
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