Furniture Finished with Briwax

The furniture in this photo will be maintained with Briwax.  In fact, Briwax is the only finish that is on the dining table.  After the chairs were painted, they were distressed and then Light Brown Briwax was applied to add the lovely sheen and protective finish.  Once you apply Briwax to your furniture, you ‘ll need to use Briwax to maintain your furniture.  Visit to learn more about using Briwax.

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2 Responses to Furniture Finished with Briwax

  1. Jane Yearwood says:

    Do you have to use an oil based paint, or can you use latex? And if so, does it have to be an enamel or can you use satin finish?

  2. J J says:

    You can use either an oil based or latex paint. The trick it to make certain that the paint has cured prior to applying Briwax. That being said, if you wish to create a worn or antiqued look, the solvent in Briwax can lift some of the paint – giving a worn, tattered, shabby look. Remember that the surface cannot be too smooth, as the Briwax will have nothing to adhere to. So, a light sanding might help to scuff the surface and give a rougher surface for the Briwax. It is advised that you have a sample board that you paint, then Briwax to make certain that you can achieve the “look” you’re trying to achieve. Experiment and have fun!!

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