Briwax on Rusty Metal

Briwax on metal?  Certainly!  Briwax will seal the metal so that it no longer rusts – and gives it a lovely feel and sheen.

For more information, please visit our website:

Make a note of our NEW fax number:  404/699-2150!

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3 Responses to Briwax on Rusty Metal

  1. John Moncrief says:

    I’ve read that the metal must be warm to apply the wax. Is this true or can it be applied cold as the picture shows? Also does it matter if you use the liquid or paste?

  2. No, Briwax does not have to be warm to apply. It can be cold or room temperature to apply. You can use it wither in a liquid state or as a paste.

  3. Themetal can be cold also.

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