How to Remove a White Water Ring

Look at the ugly white water ring

Oh no!  My table is ruined!  Well, maybe not . . .

Even the Briwax guy can be careless now and then.

Enjoying a cup of tea one evening I removed the lid from the travel cup I was using and set it down on the table top…steaming hot tea remember. Of course I used the coaster that was readily available to set the cup on. I always use a coaster!

Well, after the tea was consumed and I reassembled the lid to the cup I realized the error of my ways. The moisture from the hot tea lid was absorbed into the finish of this 300 year old heart pine. (The piece was made from reclaimed lumber ten years ago)

To remove the moisture from the finish all I have to do is rewax the area and the solvent in Briwax will dissolve the old wax (allowing the moisture to escape) and replace it with new Briwax.

Half way completed

The whole project took about 10 minutes because I just rewaxed the entire piece again. It had been several years since I originally waxed it.

Now it looks brand new and my wife is happy.

All done - just like new!

Remember, if you develop a white moisture ring on your furniture, just use the solvent in Briwax to remove it.

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