Rotary Brushes

We’re pleased to announce that the Rotary Brushes (also know as The Pine Brush) are now back in stock.

The Rotary Brush is approximately 5” in diameter.  (The Rotary Brush is also known as the Pine Brush.)  This brush will take on the shape of a mushroom when it is revolving in a drill.  A very versatile brush.  This brush is great for large buffing jobs.

Wax Polishing Brushes . . . these natural bristle brushes are entirely hand made and are used by the trade to bring out the shine in a wax finish.  Designed specifically for buffing Briwax, these brushes reduce the labor of hand buffing by 50%. Great tool for old, reclaimed lumber that is left in the rough. Also very useful on carvings and deep recesses.  These brushes are made with tampico bristles which, over time, will discolor but will last for years.

Tampico is a natural vegetable fiber harvested from a variety of cactus plants that grow wild in Mexico.  The tampico fiber has a fine, delicate and smooth texture.  It has abrasive qualities which make it an excellent choice for polishing applications.  It is important to note that tampico fiber keeps its qualities and smoothness over time, while other fibers will become hard and their qualities deteriorate.

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