Calling all Wood Carvers

We receive a lot of calls from Wood Carvers who want to always use Briwax Clear on their carvings because they don’t want to obscure any of the grain. Of course we never condone always using  Briwax Clear when all wood is some shade of “Brown”. Be it light brown, reddish brown, dark brown,  golden brown or vanilla…wood is some shade of brown.

Briwax uses the natural preservation qualities of beeswax and an incorporated dye to tint and highlight the natural beauty of all woods! Using Clear Briwax will not bring out all the beauty of a Honduran Mahogany for instance. It is a naturally reddish wood and Briwax Antique Mahogany or Briwax Teak will really bring out the beauty of the wood and your carving.

Here is a photo of the first piece I ever carved, a simple sign, made of bass wood (vanilla color). I hand carved this piece in 1992 so it is now eighteen years old. I waxed the sign with Briwax Dark Brown to have it appear a rich tone.

It still looks as good as new and actually will look better as it ages more.

Here is a piece of Teak taken from an actual teak tree trunk. We cut off a slab of the trunk, carved out the center and sloped the edges. This piece was sanded to 180 grit before we waxed it with Briwax Teak.

We’ll let you be the judge on how Briwax can greatly enhance the look and ease of finishing your carvings. Even if you would chip off a corner or accidently drop a piece, simply rewax with Briwax to restore your piece. Note: I broke off a corner of this pineapple and just recently recarved it and then rewaxed it. No one will ever know!

The pineapple was carved from bass wood. Basswood is a very “vanilla” looking wood but it carves like butter! I use a wax polishing brush whenever I want to remove the wax from the crack and crevices of the carving. Sometimes it looks really good to leave the wax buildup in the cracks, looks like a shadow and this is what you are trying to achieve. If you use a clear wax, the buildup will look grey…no good! Use any color of Briwax to greatly enhance your talent!

I hope this article will help you woodcarvers out there and if so please let us know. We can also include more tips and tricks on getting the most out of what you do.

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2 Responses to Calling all Wood Carvers

  1. Pascale says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if you would sell one of those lovely carved pineapples? I was on google looking for one and came upon your site. Look forward to hearing from you, Pascale

  2. Sorry, they’re not for sale!! The Briwax Guy

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