Briwax over Paint

A few reminders about using Briwax over paint:

  • Briwax may “lift” some of the paint  —  especially if the paint has not cured.  You make like this look – a more rustic, antique look.  Decide the look your going for prior to starting your project  —  don’t jump into the project without having a goal!
  • Always, always have a test board for your project!  This gives you the opportunity to experiment!
  • If you want to age your painted piece without “lifting” the paint, make sure that the paint has cured.  This means that the paint has entirely dried.  Wait a day or two before applying Briwax.  Apply Briwax in an inconspicuous area to make sure that there is no lifting of the paint.
  • If you have allowed your painted piece to cure but you still want some areas where it looks like the paint has been “rubbed” off, simply lightly sand those areas.  Then apply Briwax.
  • Milk paint is a very hard paint and Briwax will have very little “lifting” effect.  Milk paint will almost always need to be sanded to achieve a worn look.  Milk paint was used on the chairs in this photo.

  • Light Brown Briwax is an excellent color to use over paint because it gives a soft aging color and a lovely sheen.  If you need only sheen, use Clear Briwax.  If you want a darker antiquing look, use Tudor Brown or Dark Oak Briwax.

Read more – use this link:   Briwax over Paint.

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