To our Canadian Friends


Many of our Canadian Friends have read our Blog and have asked where they can buy Briwax in Canada.  If you need a Canadian Retailer, please contact the Distributor in Canada, Terry Bice.  He will be happy to assist you.  You can find his email address by clicking on the Links You’ll Like (look on the right side of this page)  —  just look for Terry’s name in the list!  Oh, and tell him his friends at TRG Products said “Hi!”

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4 Responses to To our Canadian Friends

  1. Patti says:

    Hi, I don’t see Terry Bice’s email address at the side…is he still a distributor? I live in Ontario and would like to find a retailer close by- I live in a fairly rural area- Hanover, N4N 3B8- and I don’t want to have to drive for hours! If I can order from any Canadian retailers online it would be very helpful to have that information as well. Thanks.Patti

  2. Contact Briwax International – the North American Importer of Briwax – at 800/527-4929 to obtain information about Canadian distribution.

  3. Ross teague says:

    Seriously. How many hoops do Canadians have to jump through to get the product? Just want one container. How can I get it?

  4. You can purchase Briwax from our website: – then go to the Buy NOW Button click on Buy Briwax Now, we will be happy to send you a can of Briwax.

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