Uses of Creamed Beeswax and Sheradale Wax

So what is the difference between Briwax Creamed beeswax and Briwax Sheradale Wax?


Our Briwax Creamed beeswax is manufactured from the old traditional formula of refined beeswax, linseed oil and turpentine. The amount of linseed oil used gives the product that creamy consistency. There is no carnauba wax in this product so the shine will not be as pronounced. This is a wax that was developed for true Antiques, pieces over 100 years old.


The Briwax Sheradale wax is basically the same formula as our cream beeswax but with less linseed oil used. This formula provides a more paste like consistency. Sheradale comes in a Clear and an Antique Brown. The color in the wax is used to hide minor scratches.

So if you are looking to maintain your fine furniture and you do not want much of a shine, use either Briwax Creamed beeswax or Briwax Sheradale. They both will do an excellent job of providing the protection that your furniture deserves.

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