Using Liming Wax

This wax is a smooth paste formulation, which produces a white grained finish in open pored woods. Finish off the liming effect with an application of Clear Briwax to clean up the finished piece.  Liming wax was the predecessor to today’s pickling.

Here is an Oak board finished using Liming Wax.


A red and blue dye was used to color the wood fibers without stopping up the pores of the wood. Since the pores are wide open we can fill them with white Liming wax. Notice the contrast. A very different and appealing method to finish a piece for a child.

Apply liming wax with a soft cloth – using circular motions to fill the pores.  With a clean cloth, rub gently to remove excess liming wax, while leaving the liming wax in the grain.  Allow the liming wax to dry thoroughly.  Now, it is time to apply clear Briwax to clean up any excess liming wax and to give a more durable finish.  Remember to buff after applying the Briwax final finish!

Liming wax can be used to transform vivid colors into pastels.

Liming wax 2 After using Liming Wax over water-based wood dye

Briwax wood dyeVivid colors using only water based wood dyes

Liming wax can be used to create a piece that appears to have been painted and stripped.

liming wax 4

To accomplish this look, apply the Liming Wax with either a small paint brush or by hand.  Use clear Briwax to clean up any excess or unwanted Liming Wax.

Liming wax 3

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