What is Briwax 2000?

Briwax 2000 USED to be the name for the Toluene Free formula of Briwax.  Remember in 1999/2000 when everything was named the catchy “2000” to designate a new, exciting product?

Well, after many years, the “2000” label became old and actually, dated.  Hence a few years ago, the official Briwax designations became Original and TF or Toluene Free.  The designation “2000” is NO longer used on any new cans distributed in the US – even though a retailer could possibly still have some stock of cans that read “Briwax 2000”.

So, if you’re looking for Briwax 2000 – you should now be looking for Briwax Toluene Free.

To learn more about the Original and Toluene Briwax, read further in our blog “Briwax is Available in Two Formulas”.

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