Coverage of Briwax

Many folks have asked us about the coverage they should get with Briwax. Here is a way to figure the coverage that you should get (note: everyone uses too much!).

Whatever you are about to use Briwax on, whatever kind of surface a simple rule to follow is this. If you put a high powered microscope on the surface and took a look in it, what you would see would look pretty much like a kitchen sponge. See the pores? That’s where the Briwax is going to go.

A formula for figuring the amount of Briwax you will use in this case is the following:

200 sq. ft / pound of Briwax (appx. 85% of  pores filled) 1st application.

400 sq. ft./pound of Briwax (appx. 95% of pores filled)  2nd application.

500 sq. ft./pound of Briwax (100% of pores filled) 3rd application.

  • Also, 400-500 sq. ft / pound will be your maintenance for the life of the piece.
  • Pine is the most difficult to wax to a beautiful sheen but is also the prettiest. Pine almost always has to be waxed 3-4 times to develop that lovely patina…but it is worth it!
  • Oak, Maple, Birch and other hardwoods will develop a sheen on the first or second application.

Now, say the surface you are about to wax has a varnish or paint on it. Look at the sponge the same way, only now mentally wrap it in a clear wrap (Glad, Saran etc.)

This is a way to visualize a “film finish” on any surface, be it varnish, paint, shellac, or lacquer. The film will keep the colored Briwax out of the pores so no wax will penetrate the film and you will get no color addition to the surface. Notice that if you have a scratch or a chip in the “film”, Briwax will fill in the opening and repair it for you. Remember Briwax loves a rough surface and will always try to smooth it over.

The formula for figuring the amount of Briwax you will use in this case is the same as above, only go immediately to the 400-500 sq. ft. /pound. One application will be sufficient.

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