Heart Pine Cook top Cover


We wanted a cook top cover to provide more space on our counter top. The Kitchen Island was made from 250-year-old heart pine and was oiled and waxed with Briwax Tudor Brown. The island was installed eight years ago.



After making up the new “old” heart pine covers (using the same 250-year old heart pine) and ensuring the fit we sanded the top to 180 grit. You really can’t see the sanding scratches at 180 grit with the human eye. These scratches will also allow the wax finish to “hang on”. Briwax loves a rough surface and will fill in all the valleys left by the sanding process.


The Kitchen Island was fairly dark so we applied Briwax Tudor Brown to fill in the open pores of the wood. We waxed with Tudor Brown and then buffed out to a sheen. We needed a little more red so we then waxed over the Tudor with Briwax Teak. After buffing out we thought this combination was matching perfectly.




Here is the final product as it is installed on our kitchen island.


The granite countertop is finished with Briwax Marble wax. Marble wax is all carnauba wax so it is much harder then the beeswax and carnauba wax blend of regular Briwax.


This project took approximately 30 minutes from start to finish.

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