The Green Plastic Lid that came on your can of Briwax . . .


The Briwax you purchased, more than likely, came with a GREEN plastic lid.  This plastic lid is designed for physically stabilizing the product during shipping and for ease of stacking at your neighborhood retailer. 

Once you open the can of Briwax, discard the GREEN plastic lid and RETAIN and use the METAL LID for storing your Briwax.  The metal lid will keep your Briwax ready to use on your newly acquired antique or your next woodworking project.

But remember, as you work with your Briwax, do not leave the metal lid off for long periods of time  —  the solvent will evaporate and you’ll be left with a hard piece of almost unusable wax. Also, at the end of the day, make sure that the metal lid is securely in place on the can!

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