Briwax is available in Clear and 9 Wood Tone Colors

Briwax comes in Clear as well as nine wood tones  —  Light Brown, Dark Brown, Antique Mahogany (Cherry), Golden Oak, Tudor Brown, Dark Oak, Teak, Rustic Pine, and Ebony (black).  Take a look at the color chart below to see how the colors compare with each other.



Clear is the perfect choice when you don’t want to impart any color onto the wood.  Clear Briwax has absolutely no color and will not yellow.  Of course, with that said, Clear Briwax will not hide or diminish any scratches on the wood. 

Light Brown is the most versatile of all of the colors – it takes on the color of the wood on which it is used.

Golden Oak has yellow undertones.  It compliments beautifully the red tones of Heart Pine.

Antique Mahogany can also be called Cherry.  It has a hint of red and is beautiful on Cherry or Mahogany woods – brings out the red tones of the wood.  Try Antique Mahogany on Red Oak floors to highlight the red tones.

Dark Brown is a deep, rich brown.  It is widely used on Walnut to enhance its rich, dark color.


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