Briwax is Reversible


What does that mean?

Technically Briwax is an evaporative finish, which means that every time you introduce a petroleum distillate (mineral spirits) to wax, you will dissolve the wax.

Nothing is harmed of course, but a lot of house maids panic when they think they have “ruined” the furniture by spraying a liquid polish such as Pledge over a waxed finish. Simply reapply Briwax again and the problem is solved.

Reversible also means that you can alter the subtle color that Briwax reflects.

For instance: You have a beautiful Mahogany piece that you believe is too “red”. Apply Dark Brown Briwax to “tone-down” the red and the piece will appear more in the “Auburn” range of color. If you don’t like this effect simply rewax with Antique Mahogany and the red of the piece will be highlighted again. You see, it’s reversible! You may do this in ten minutes or ten years, it doesn’t matter, it is always reversible.

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